FamChampsTM Programme

“FamChampsTM is an opportunity to share the importance of family and we can influence the next generation to rethink how they want to see their own families to be”.
Mr Peter Tan, Principal Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

FamChampsTM Camp (Find out more)

This interactive half-day workshop addresses pertinent family topics and issues ranging from handling conflict, to media discernment and managing sibling rivalry.
With guidance from their mentors, students will take on a group project to promote Family at the school or community level. eg, parent-child bonding, school-wide campaign.
The culmination of an 8-month journey, it is a time to recognise and celebrate the students’ efforts and achievements in championing family.

They will be awarded with a certificate and commissioned as FamChamps while challenged to return to volunteer as Alumni.
Students are encouraged to apply the principles learnt at home or with a partner family organisation.

Their learning is reinforced as they lend practical assistance, help study family trends and issues, run a family event or conduct a family survey.