FamChamps™ is a student-centric initiative that promotes the holistic message and provides a positive experience of Family. As young family champions, students spearhead family service projects in their community and apply timeless principles in their own family.


Family For The Win is a social experiment to find out how youths view their own families. Through street-intercept thematic surveys, FamChamps™ will hit the busy streets of Singapore to discover the thoughts and feelings of young people. What would they say? What truly matters to us? Find out when you take on the #FamilyFTW challenge!

In Singapore, navigating through life as a family can be challenging. Parents are busy with career pursuits while children with educational and recreational developments.

  • Conceptualised around real-life scenarios
  • Complete fun tasks to collect Currencies, make decisions and “Build-a-Home” in their “Families”.

This helps participants recognise the importance of family and how family members should work together and support one another through life’s ups and downs.

Objectives of FamQuest™
  • Engage youth to appreciate the importance of family and the realities of family life across the ages - in both time and generations
  • Empower youth to make values-based decisions and adopt behaviors that foster strong family relationships through life's ups and downs as well as prevent future family dysfunction
  • Inspire youth to be the difference for the next generation by becoming Family Champions who uphold Family in Singapore.
Program Overview
Program duration: 3.5 hours
No. of participants: 80-140 pax/session

If you require further information, please email [email protected] or call 6491 0708.