1. What is the difference between Cohort/Group Registration? 

Cohort Registration is applicable for schools registering for the whole cohort by level. If you wish to send more than one cohort, please complete another Registration Form.

Fees include complimentary Educator's Resource Kit, Conference recordings and Conference merchandise (100 pcs per cohort). You will receive further details on receiving the materials nearer to date.

Group Registration is applicable for schools, or individuals registering as group of ten persons (10 pax excludes teacher/coordinator). Only one person, the school coordinator or group leader, needs to complete the registration form.

If you wish to register for more than 10 pax, please send in another group of 10, or additional Individual Registrations. Fees include complimentary Educator's Resource Kit, Conference recordings and Conference merchandise. You will receive further details on receiving the materials nearer to date.

Please note that for Cohort and Group Registrations, all participants will need to attend either the Secondary Track or the Tertiary Track. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate combination of tracks within a cohort or group. 

2. I am an educator interested to send my students. However, my school is unable to participate. Can I still have access to the Educator's Resource Kit and Conference Merchandise? 

We’re so glad that you see the value in helping your students build relational resilience at home! Please reach us at [email protected] to discuss how you may do so.

3. Will I be able to cancel my registration after signing up? 

We encourage you to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that your after-school schedule is clear for Be.Live Conference. There will be no refunds* for cancellations.

Requests for transfer of registration will be accepted until 14 days before the start of the conference (17 June). Please inform us at [email protected]

*The Organiser reserves the rights to cancel or reschedule the event due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort, however, will be made to inform participants as soon as possible of the change. For cancellation of event by the Organiser, fees will be refunded in full.

4. How will I receive the Conference Merchandise?

 The Conference Merchandise will be sent to your school or the group leader's address prior to the conference. As the school coordinator or group leader, please ensure that you have provided the necessary information required for the delivery of the Merchandise.

 5. What's the difference between the Secondary and Tertiary Tracks? 

Secondary Track

Family Dialogues will run from 3.30pm - 4.30pm on Fri, 1 Jul, immediately after the main programme. 

Choose one Family Dialogue :

1. From Stress to Rest

2. From Despair to Repair

Join your choice of Family Dialogue on Zoom for lively interaction and participation.

Tertiary Track

Fireside Chat will run in the evening from 8.00 - 9.30pm on Fri, 1 Jul.

Fireside Chat for Tertiary Track: Rewriting My Family Story

You may choose to join the Fireside Chat onsite (Venue: Faith Sanctuary - 14 Arumugam Road LTC Building C #02-02 Singapore 409959) for a time of sharing and discussion.

6. Why is the family dialogue for the Tertiary Track at night? 

This sharing will be held in the form of a Fireside Chat at night with consideration of your schedules and availability.

We hope a face-to-face interaction with our guest speaker as they share their family story will inspire conversations amongst our Tertiary Track participants. This would also help create a space for mutual encouragement to live with intention and build relationships at home. There is a maximum capacity of 50 pax for onsite participants. 

7. I am ready to register. How do I make payment? 

For Cohort Registrations, please indicate if you would prefer for the Organiser to send an invoice to the school coordinator via email or to e-invoice the school. 

For Group and Individual Registrations, you may make your payment via credit card, bank transfer or PayNow. For Bank Transfer or PayNow, please upload a screenshot of the transfer. Receipts will only be issued upon request, and after payment has been received and verified. All fees are charged in Singapore Dollars.

You may find  the payment details in the registration form.