In view of the COVID-19 situation, we would like to provide some information on the precautionary measures we will have in place for all our FamChamps Camp programme.

The precautionary measures we follow are determined by a blend of Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education's (MOE) and Sport Singapore's (SportSG) latest advisories.

We keep the safety of all campers and volunteers at the forefront of our planning and decision making. 

Wearing of masks

With the easing of safe distancing measures in our nation, wearing of masks during camp will be optional. 

Social Distancing

We have adopted all measures as instructed by MOH (and following MOE measures as set by schools) to minimise risk. We have scaled-down group sizes, and school groups will be sectioned out in zones such that the same school groups are placed in the same zones during meal times. This will be considered for their sleeping arrangements too. 

Measures put in place

We would request teachers to ensure campers to take an ART test at home before reporting for Camp on Day 1. Teacher IC(s) would have to ensure that all campers are in good health before reporting to the campsite. This is to ensure that we keep the Camp experience safe for all campers, volunteers and staff. 

Mentors will also do a visual check every morning when the camp group reports for breakfast. All campers are required to bring a thermometer for the camp and a temperature-taking exercise will be conducted every morning under the supervision of Mentors.

Wipe-down routines in the canteen would also be in place to ensure enhanced hygiene is maintained during mealtimes.

What if a camper feels unwell during camp?

If a camper is showing acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms (ARI symptoms - includes fever, runny nose, sore throat or loss of smell/taste) during Camp, he/she is required to do an ART test. As a precautionary measure, parents will be notified and the camper will be sent home even if the ART test result is negative. Staff will proceed to disinfect the dorm that camper is assigned to. 

For campers with allergies such as morning sinus or nasal congestions, a parents' letter will be needed for us to justify that the symptoms are not COVID-related. 

If a camper displays ARI symptoms and tested postive with an ART test, parents will be notified and the camper will be sent home. Campers that share the same zone as the unwell camper will also be asked to do an ART test. 

In the above two scenarios, we hope campers, teachers and parents can all play their part and practice social responsibility to ensure the best camp experience for everyone.

Can students participate in the FamChamps Camp if any of their household members are tested Covid-positive? 

Campers with C+ household members before the camp period would not be allowed to attend camp.