What is Honour Night about?

Honour Night is a special event in the FamChamps Camp programme for camp participants to express appreciation to their parents for the irreplaceable role parents play in their lives, through simple and fun facilitator-led games and activities. Parents’ presence at Honour Night will mean so much to the camper as they embark on this journey of understanding the importance of Family. 

How do I attend Honour Night?

Honour Night is happening on Thu, 2 Nov 2023. More details to follow.

Who can attend Honour Night?

Honour Night is an intentional time set aside for campers and their parents. It is highly recommended that both parents attend Honour Night together with the camper (i.e. max. 3 persons), and dedicate that time to the camper.

However, we understand if there is a need for one of the parents to attend to younger siblings or other family members. In these circumstances, please ensure that one parent attends the event in full together with the camper.

What if there is no other family member at home to care for the younger siblings?

We have a child-minding programme catered for campers' younger siblings from the age of 3 years old to 12 years old.Campers would need to indicate the attendance of their younger sibling(s) on their individual registration form. 

Can someone else attend in place of parents? 

We highly encourage one or both of the camper’s parents to attend the event as it is meant for them to appreciate and honour their parents. If the camper’s parents are unable to attend because of special reasons, we would recommend a guardian or close adult family member to attend in place of parents.  

Is there additional cost to attend Honour Night? 

There is no additional cost to attend Honour Night as it is part of the camp programme. All campers will receive the Honour Night materials that are included in the camp fees, whether or not parents attend the event.

How will the camper receive the Honour Night materials? 

The Honour Night materials will be handed to the camper during the camp. 

What are the provisions for dietary requirements? 

Dinner catered for Honour Night will be Halal certified. For other dietary requirements such as food allergies, please indicate clearly on the Registration Form so that the Organiser may look into it accordingly. 

I would like to attend. How do I indicate my interest?

Please indicate your commitment to attend Honour Night on the Parental/Guardian Consent Form that will be given to the camper. More details will be provided later.