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Hearing from the pioneers

27 February, 2017

Can you believe it – it has been more than three years since FamChamps was birthed in 2014! We caught up with four pioneering FamChamps and asked the 17-year-olds what they have been doing to champion for Family in their own homes and beyond, and also what they hope for FamChamps as a movement. Read on to find out their responses!

  1. What have you been doing to champion for Family?WAH YI

    I have been encouraging my friends to start loving their family and spend more time with them. I am now a good boy in the family and help in household chores wherever I can. I try to get to know my parents better and discuss my feelings with them. I also try to be a good role model for my little brother to follow, and we even study for exams together.


    After graduating from the programme, I have been trying my best to be an exemplary sister and daughter. I help my siblings with homework, and study hard to make my parents proud.


    When my friends face problems, especially in their family, I try to provide them a shoulder to lean on and give them advice as a friend. I have also been spending more time with my family. My mum and I jog together in the morning, and it is something I have always wanted to do because I finally have something in common with her. My dad is currently studying so we spend time studying together. I always learn something new from him as he shares with me what he learns, and it's the best feeling ever because I really look up to him.


    I learnt how to communicate with my parents and siblings effectively at the FamChamps camp. After realising that my parents care a lot for us and are always willing to be there for us, I learnt to be understanding towards them. I help my mum at her shop every day as she needs help. Also, since my dad is the sole breadwinner of the family, I take the initiative to bring him out for a nice meal.

  2. What is your hope for FamChamps as a movement?WAH YI

    FamChamps should become a rite of passage for every teen going into adulthood. I hope that through FamChamps, everyone will recognise the importance of family and treasure the one that we have.


    I hope to see FamChamps grow and expand its reach to not only secondary school students but also to primary school students, so that we can see more Family Champions in Singapore.


    I hope FamChamps will grow and reach out to the community, and that more schools and students will get involved. Since it is a movement, I feel that it should be made known to everyone what our goal is and how we can achieve it together as a community.


    I really hope that FamChamps will grow to a larger scale to impact the lives of more youths and equip them to be the change in their family.

Wah Yi is waiting to commence his studies in Digital Game & Design at Temasek Polytechnic. He enjoys penny boarding, drawing, listening to music, and exercising.

Currently studying in Nanyang Junior College, Praise loves spending time with her friends and family, and enjoys music and sports. Her goal is to give her parents a comfortable life in their old age and take them traveling.

Hakim's childhood dream is to explore the world and meet new people, and studying Nautical Studies at Singapore polytechnic will allow him to pursue both his passion and dream. He enjoys catching up with loved ones during his free time.

Joey is looking forward to her Early Childhood & Child Psychology course at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and aspires to give back to society. Her hobbies include singing, watching YouTube videos and Korean dramas, and sleeping.


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