Practicum: Stepping Stones to Life-Changing Habits

Hello Hello! So, the last step of our Practicum Activities is to provide a short summary of it all. So here goes…

FamChamps, as well as the Practicum Activity has given me the opportunity to step up for my family, as well as for other Singaporean families. It has taught me to be grateful; for my parents, my sister and my extended family.

The Practicum activities were stepping stones for me, allowing me to first acknowledge, work on, and finally honour the relationships I share with the people I love the most.

The Practicum has pushed me to realise that my family is my support system, my connection to my heritage, religion and beliefs, and most of all, a blessing.

I am most grateful for a huge extended family, with grandparents, uncles and aunts, and almost 30 first and second cousins; we are each other’s biggest support in difficult times.

Spending more time with my sister and honouring my parents are now things I practise every day, and it took the simplest of practicum activities to help me realise that my relationship with them needs work.

I remember being told by my mentors on the last day of camp that everything might be so emotional now, and we might all be making promises to ourselves about what we are going to do for our families, but once we resume with our daily lives, it will get increasingly difficult to fulfil these promises.

I remember brushing this off casually, thinking to myself that I would be a “poster-child’ when I got home. I now realise that what the mentors said was absolutely true.

It wasn’t easy at all to understand my parents’ wishes, but I learned to respect them.

It wasn’t easy to tutor my sister, or take time out of my day to talk to her, when I got home from camp, but these little things have now become a habit.

Having to complete the Practicum helped me to slowly but surely improve my relationships with my family. Dealing with arguments, sickness, or the loss of loved ones has been hard on my family, but honouring and loving one another, and being more open has helped us through everything.

I feel a stronger connection to my family, knowing that we have suffered, overcome difficulties, and even celebrated, all together as a family.

This pretty much sums up my FamChamps Journey for the time being, but it doesn’t end there. I intend to continue with the activities and to bond with, honour and cherish my family in the process.

Next stop, AWARDS DAY!!!